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If you have any questions about the unemployment benefit fund and your benefits
On this website you can find answers to many questions or ring our round-the-clock voice answer-back service on 020-29 24 10. Here you´ll receive information on benefits, when theyre paid out and in what amount. The service is avaliable both in Swedish and English.

To obtain information on your benefits at our website or voice answer-back service, you´ll need a personal code, which you´ll find on the specification of your unemployment benefit payments. At our website, you´ll also find forms and have access to various services that you might need when you are unemployed.

You´re also welcome to ring the unemployment benefit fund if you have any questions about your unemployment insurance on 0771- 25 80 00.

You can also get in touch with us by e-mail. You´ll find the addresses of our regional offices here on our website.

(You cannot write messages to the unemployment benefit society on your benefit cards because the cards are read by machine.)
In English
How to fill in your unemployment benefit card
If you have any questions
When will the benefits reach me?
What we need in order to deal with your case

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