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How to fill in your unemployment benefit card
These instructions apply both to use of regular cards and to reporting your particulars over the Internet.

If you are fully unemployed: Tick only the boxes under "Unemployed" (Arbetslös) (NB - also Saturday and Sunday)

If you work part time:
E.g. 50% on the job, unemployed the rest of the time: Tick your degree of employment in percent.

If you work part time, e.g. 75%
on the job and you also work three hours extra on Tuesday: Tick your degree of employment in two boxes (70+5=75) along with the extra hours (2+1=3) for Tuesday under "Work" (Arbete).

If you work 11 hours on Monday, 6 hours on Tuesday, 4½ hours on Wednesday and are unemployed from Thursday to Sunday: If the correct number of hours is unavailable for a certain day, tick the boxes so that their total equals the appropriate number of hours (8+2+1=11)

If you are "one quarter" sick on Monday and on full sick leave from Tuesday to Sunday:

If you are studying full time:
Tick the boxes under "Prevented". (If you continue studying full time, you must not send in unemployment benefit cards for as long as you are not unemployed.

If you are fully unemployed but are not at the disposal of the labour market on Monday and Tuesday: Combine your ticks like this:
In English
How to fill in your unemployment benefit card
If you have any questions
When will the benefits reach me?
What we need in order to deal with your case

NB - part time work
If you are employed for less than full time, you must report your degree of employment regardless of whether you are paid by the hour or by the month. (See example 2.)

If you make a mistake
If youve made a mistake on one of the cards youve sent in to us, get in touch with us without delay.

If you are paid too much money by the unemployment benefit fund you will be liable to repay it, regardless of the reason for the mistake.

If you purposely cause the wrong amount to be paid out, other measures may have to be taken.

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